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Backup Strategies & Disaster Prevention

Austin Computer Guys is dedicated to protecting your valuable business data, even in the event of an unforeseeable disaster.

Hard Drive Backup Closeup

There are several methods to ensuring the protection and availability of your company’s data. Important components of your network, such as file servers, should have fault tolerance built in. In large servers, you'll find redundant power supplies and many hard drives set up using a RAID to provide data integrity in the event that a drive goes south. Off-site backups are another great option for protecting against theft and natural disasters. 

Rest Easy with Automated Backups

Local backup devices are essential for any business that modifies and relies on their data on a daily basis. Network Attached Storage devices are a good option for smaller companies while servers and RAIDs are capable of containing and duplicating large amounts of information.


Setting up off-site backups to a secure, remote location, allows businesses to minimize risk. In the event of a system interruption due to fire, theft or other catastrophe, you can access and update important files with little effect on your business’ productivity.  Off-site backup is also an economical option for data protection, especially when you consider the costs of having no protection in place.