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Computer Analysis & Optimization

Just like your car needs its oil changed, certain things need to be taken care of in your computer for it to continue functioning properly.

Machine Analysis and Optimization

Unfortunately, many users are unaware of this fact and after years of neglecting their system, they find a drastic decrease in performance and reliability.

Let the Austin Computer Guys be your technicians and transform your PC into a cleaner, faster, more functional machine.

Methods to optimize your computer system:

  • Locate and remove temporary/junk files (alleviating storage space)
  • Update system drivers (maximizing performance)
  • Eliminate unused startup and service programs (for faster boot time)
  • De-fragmentation of the hard-drive (for faster file access and load speed)
  • Deactivate invalid registry keys (for speed and reliability)
  • Analyze power settings and individual device parameters (for highest performance)

Don't struggle with a sluggish system any longer. Call us today for a free consultation on how we can optimize your machines and improve your IT efficiency.