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Computer Security

Austin Computer Guys understands that the security of your network is of the highest importance. We go the extra mile for our clients and set up defense systems that will keep your assets and your customer information highly secure.

Computer Security

Focus on Prevention

These days, businesses cannot afford to leave their computers and networks unsecured, especially when Wireless Networks are involved. A hammering wave of invasions can result, such as viruses and spyware, and even creeps browsing and altering your business data. 

Often times, these security breeches can be prevented. That’s where we come in.

Austin Computer Guys can bolster your IT Security

  • Installation and proper configuration of a quality firewall
  • Installation of self-updating anti-virus software
  • Encryption of WiFi Networks
  • Secure Email Hosting & spam filtering
  • Utilizing an IDS to spot and eliminate threats to the network

Austin Computer Guys have been protecting businesses for over 15 years. For more information about securing your networks, visit Network Security.