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Computer User Management

A common issue that arises in companies these days has to do with users having unlimited access to the Internet and the company network. Do you condone employees spending their days browsing the Net, or checking personal email while at work?

Computer User Groups

Customized Website Blocking

If users need to access the internet, it would be wise to direct this traffic through a content filter, disabling sites like Facebook, sports sites, and adult entertainment. However, if your PR person needs to access Facebook to manage the company's account, we can create an exemption for that user.

Network Segregation

The same concept applies to users having unlimited access to a network. You wouldn't want a new employee having the ability to alter sensitive financial data, right? By creating groups of users based on what kinds of privileges you give the user, you can make certain information unaccessible to low-level employees, guest users, or anyone else you don't want to expose all of your network to.

Austin Computer Guys can help you define your user groups decide what kind of access they should have to the network. This is completely customizable and groups can be large or small as needed. Once these groups and permissions are established, you can rest easier knowing that all the doors and locks have been put in place.