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Wireless Network Integration & Services

Austin Computer Guys understands how important the integrity of a Wireless Network is. The capabilities allow businesses to expand their offices and bring WiFi to employees and clients. We won't let your wireless go unsecured. The risks of an open business network are too great to ignore.

Wireless Router Closeup

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Private Company WiFi

We can setup a secure private wireless system for your internal company needs using the latest wireless security technologies. Peripherals such as printers and scanners can be conveniently connected through Private WiFi.

Guest WiFi Access

Setup a secure guest wireless system for you guests. This network will be segmented so that the guest WiFi traffic will not be allowed to co-mingle with the local area network (private network).

Wireless Security

Many Austin businesses do not understand how vulnerable they are to attack over their WiFi networks. Did you know that over 60% of wireless business networks are unsecured, inviting hackers to steal identities and corporate information, access computer networks, and conduct illegal business from the network’s IP address?

The industries we serve such as Health Care, Automotive, Retail and Manufacturing cannot afford to have these wireless networks unsecured.  That's why Austin Computer Guys is proud to bring affordable, comprehensive wireless protection to their offices.

Other WiFi Services Austin Computer Guys can provide.

There are many additional options we could implement such as requiring email login( to collect email address for later marketing use,) port blocking, web filtering and bandwidth metering.

We also offer remote management and monitoring your wireless or wired networks.