Austin Computer Guys thinks of a Disaster Prevention Plan as a type of insurance which protects businesses against data loss, system failure, and theft due to unforeseen circumstance. While we cannot prevent the calamity, we can mitigate the negative effects it has on your assets and productivity by implementing a protection strategy.

Here Are Just a Few of Our Tried & True Methods…

Backup Automation

Local backup devices are essential for any business that modifies and relies on their data on a daily basis. Network Attached Storage devices are a good option for smaller companies while servers with RAID arrays are capable of containing and duplicating large amounts of information.

Offsite Backup

Setting up offsite backups to a secure, remote location allows businesses to minimize risk of system interruption. In the event of a catastrophe, you can access and update important files without interrupting daily operations. Offsite backup is also an economical option for data protection, especially in comparison to the costs of having no protection in place.

Physical Maintenance

Ever think about how much dust accumulates inside of a server that is running 24/7? If left unchecked it can actually create a fire hazard. Computers have hygiene requirements in order to function properly. It’s important to create a regular maintenance schedule for the physical components of your network.