Our team has over two decades of experience working with Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Wireless, and Virtual Networks. Whether you are looking for a particular network configuration or a hybrid, Austin Computer Guys can hook you up.

When it comes to Network Design, Austin Computer Guys has you covered from planning to implementation to ongoing maintenance.

We Respect Your Space

Physical Space is a huge factor when it comes to setting up a network. ¬†Our network engineers respect the existing flow of the office and integrate the network as best he or she can. In the case of setting up a new office, our designer always considers the business owner’s vision for the undeveloped workspace before laying cable.

Out of Sight. Always Within Reach.

Storage and backups are fundamental part of network configuration. How much space do you need? A simple external hard drive to back up to? Or an entire server room with 20+ drives that are also acting as backups? Whatever the size of your data, Austin Computer Guys can help you store it securely and show you how to access it.